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How we serve our community

 Agape Rainbow Association provides children with health insurance cards to make sure they receive the needed health care. In addition, the association serves primary and secondary school children affected by HIV/AIDS and their families in Rwanda with more activities in Kicukiro District. Through working with children, Agape Rainbow Association also supports mothers of these children who are often the heads of household. Agape Rainbow Organization members are mostly dependent on the income of a household member who works in a low paying job and are therefore living in extreme poverty often less than $1 per day. 

Dedicated to our children

As a follow up to its beneficiaries, Agape Rainbow Association engages children in after school programs that help children lagging behind in English and arts (music and drama) as part of a psychosocial support. It also ensures responsiveness to children and their families through home visits. In order to ensure that children are attending school and are not denied access due to financial problems, the organization supports the families with tuition fees for primary school and secondary school children. 

Agape Rainbow Association believes strongly in the power of a safe, nonjudgmental environment where children may come together on network and socialize. During gatherings Agape provides hope through the discussion, games, educational and fun activities held during gatherings.

Committed to our Mothers

Agape Rainbow Association strongly supports women who want to start income generating activities (including agribusiness, microcredit) in order to sustain their own families. 

Mothers meet once a week for Bible study and discussions, women talk about live hoods and share ideas and experiences. Through the process mothers network and make recommendations and share advice. Agape Rainbow provides guidance on topics such as the health and nourishment of children and how to increase a child’s well being. Practical advice about HIV/AIDs avoidance and family planning and marital counseling is also provided by the Association during these meetings.


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